We Moved to the French Mountains! With the horses plus 3 new additions…

Come and see our new place in the French Pyrenees! We moved with the horses and managed to acquire 3 new additions here, too…

This is a big move for us, but one we’ve dreamt of for years and we’re so excited about this next chapter!

Horse training (and online coaching in the CT Club) will continue as it has done, only with better weather and even better views 🙂

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10 thoughts on “We Moved to the French Mountains! With the horses plus 3 new additions…”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!! Look forward to watching how you, your horses/donkeys develop and grow together in you new home.

  2. Hi Rachel
    Great to see you’ve moved to France, I live here too, although in south-west France, not too far from Limoges. You have an amazing property in a wonderful setting. We are also very rural and it’s so wonderful to have my horses at home as I was always in DIY livery in the UK. Having seen the donkeys in your video I would recommend my farrier who has been so, so patient with my rescued French horse but I’m not sure whether you would be too far away for him. Decent farriers and trimmers are like hens teeth here in my experience. Anyway, feel free to email if you want his name.
    All the best with your new venture and bonne chance!

  3. Émilie Guillon

    Wonderfull ! It looks so beautifull. And your house looks interesting too, would it be eco friendly ? As you say it’s not the right time to move but you made it. So sorry about your dog.

  4. Lovely!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful new location. So sorry about Lilly.
    Will look for your book.

  5. Congratulations on your exciting move! And hooray to be able to accomplish it during challenging times. Wishing you the very best in your new home in the mountains. I live with four horses in the mountains of Colorado. I look forward to benefiting from your mountainous discoveries!

  6. Oh wow what a stunning environment for you and your horses ( and donks) !!! Look forwards to seeing your future posts as you ae all settling in. Sorry to hear about the loss of your doggo 🙁
    Debi x

  7. Hannah – you seem so happy and what a lovely place, and I cannot wait to see how things go with the three donkeys. Best of success with your new home– it’s wonderful. Sher from Oregon with her donkeys — hee -haw!!!!

  8. Stunning …..congratulations on your new exciting chapter of life in France.Madly envious but wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see how you all settle in.
    Petch x

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