Around a Round Pen – For Leading and Lunging

I LOVE this technique. It is so useful for so many situations and I have used it again and again over the years (and so many other people have told me how useful they find it, too!).

The most common reasons to use it are:

> Leading problems such as bargey, exploding, cutting in front of you or aggression
> Lunging problems like turning in, rearing, blasting away from you or teaching the canter.
> It’s also a brilliant way to give young, green, over-enthusiastic or ‘problem’ horses free movement while they learn how to stay calm, relaxed and connected to you now matter what.

You can stay totally safe and you don’t have to escalate the situation by correcting your horse all the time (it’s not nice for either of you and it nearly always makes the problem worse because it raises the emotions instead of calming them).

Here it is…

If you want more step-by-step guidance on exactly how to use this with your horse, including the next stage of phasing it out (obviously you don’t want to use it all the time to lead or lunge your horse!), please check out the CT Club.

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5 thoughts on “Around a Round Pen – For Leading and Lunging”

  1. This is useful. I have been struggling with leading because my horse it too excitable. I when I let him loose hoping he would walk around the round pen I had set up, he just trotted off to see his friends, broke a barrier and started galoping all over the place.
    His is very well trained in the clasical way, so he was easy to catch, but I was disappointed. I wanted him to follow me and I would like to teach him freejumping.
    I haven’t tried again but I see on the video that one of the horses you keep on the lead rope as you walk around. I shall try that. I would feel more confident if I felt he could not canter off like that again.

  2. We have 2 new ponies and its surprising how not having used the basics for a few years how we forget the little things .

    1. Hi Liz, ooh new ponies is exciting! Yes, it’s all in the basics – get those right and everything else is pretty straightforward 🙂 Hope you’re all having fun!

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