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I love getting the chance to show off my own fabulous horses (not that I’m biased!), so I was delighted to be contacted by Ellie Fells, journalist for the Trot On equine social media website, for an interview about CT. I was even more delighted when it turned out she only lives an hour down the road so could come and see my horses and I in person!

It was a bit of a mizzly wintery day, but we wrapped up and headed out to the arena to work with India, my WB mare. Ellie was pretty new toreward-based horse training, so India and I got to show and explain the basic concepts as well as some of our more advanced work such as in-hand work, Spanish walk, ridden work and India’s favourite, Freejumping.Then we headed inside for a cuppa and some more CT talk, where Ellie asked some great questions about the hows and whys of positive horse training.

Head over to Trot On to read her interview HERE

India has grown up with me, so we’ve developed a great bond over the years. However, she does struggle with sugar sensitivity and seasons, making her sore, stiff and a bit unpredictable. Reward-based training has been brilliant for her because it’s helped to keep her focused, motivated and relaxed, even when it’s been tough for her physically. CT isn’t a magic cure, but it has absolutely given us the necessary communication, emotional balance and motivation to make great progress and have a ton of fun along the way! As you can see from these blogs, we’ve managed to work through all this and train some pretty cool stuff:

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