Hosing and Bathing: Teach Your Horse to Stand Quietly

There are some simple techniques you can use to help teach your horse that hosepipes, water, sponges etc are nothing to fear. In this video, you’ll see Poppy change from saying a strong, “NO!” to being bathed to actually enjoying it.

That is the key to great training – changing the horse’s emotions to joy, relaxation, confidence and clarity about the exercise.

To do this means that we have to observe the horse and look for signs of tension or fear and make sure that we keep the training at a level where the horse stays under-threshold, meaning that the horse stays calm enough to be able to think and learn.

To help Poppy learn to be calm about being bathed, we approached it in lots of different ways, making it a fun game. We also incorporated plenty of breaks and downtime so that she had time to process and wasn’t over-faced. We also included praise, targeting and scratches that Poppy loves.

It was so rewarding to see Poppy standing happily, enjoying her scratches, while being bathed.

The best thing about this approach, though, is that Amy strengthened her bond and trust with Poppy further, even while over-coming a difficult behaviour. They both enjoyed the session and will look forward to their next session together because of it.



You can see this session in full, along with hundreds of other video tutorials in the Connection Training Club. I’d love for you to join our friendly, supportive and fun global community and learn more about how to use CT in a practical way with your horse. Head over here to find out more. See you there!

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3 thoughts on “Hosing and Bathing: Teach Your Horse to Stand Quietly”

  1. I really enjoy watching your videos, I clicker-train my rescue horse and it has helped him tremendously!
    The horses in your videos are all so cute, what breed is the mare in this video? Is she a Gypsy Cob? I am in the states and don:t know as much about breeds over there as I would like to, I am always learning.
    Kimberly Smiley

    1. Hi Kimberley, thank you and lovely to hear that it’s helping your rescue horse! Yes, Poppy is a cob. Gypsy cobs are plentiful over here, though I don’t know about Poppy’s breeding and background. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Thankyou so much for your videos and other resources. I have a rescue Clyde who has so much fear and anxiety around handling her legs and feet especially when a hose is involved. I am going to take my time and go at her pace as you mentioned. Thanks again!

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