About Us

Shawna, Rachel and Hannah have created a teaching resource that will help you to train your horse in a way that is fun and rewarding for you both. At the same time, we keep the training focused on real life and on actually doing something. This is why we have created full-to-bursting Home Study Courses based on practical solutions to common training questions!

We can help you achieve your goals with your horse, and in a way that ensures your horse enjoys training and feels confident and happy with you. Of course, this creates a strong connection between you both, but it boosts performance, too, as your horse is enthusiastic and willing to try…full of heart, in other words

Connection Training is also a philosophy, where we aim to change the way people see horses and how they work with them, moving towards an approach which is fun, fair, successful and achievable for horses and humans alike.

Choose the Home Study Courses to suit you and join the revolution now!