Do YOU Want to Become a Connection Training Instructor?

Run your own business and spread the word!
Spending every day teaching horses and people about reward-based training is a pretty incredible job – that’s why we all love what we do! Seeing horses grow in confidence, giving people solutions to problems they thought they’d never solve and watching both horse and human have so much fun together in the process is hugely exciting and rewarding.hannah-teaching

If this is how you’d love to spend your days, our Instructor Programme could be for you!

Why the Need for Instructors?

We really want to see positive horse training grow as a global movement. In order to do that, we see a need for more help to be available to people, whether this is guidance as to how to avoid common pitfalls people fall into when starting this training or support with issues or inspiration further along the training journey. This worldwide movement needs more qualified people out there to address real-life situations and help people use and incorporate positive training successfully in whatever equine environment they are working in.

This means we need to find people who have the right balance between the science and the art of the training.  But this can take a lot of time and experience.  One of the reasons this type of training was so successful in the marine mammal world is that the more experienced trainers have always been there to guide the newer trainers through successfully.  This mentorship has helped newer trainers to glean invaluable knowledge, even beyond their years.

The trouble has been that there aren’t many people with decades of experience behind them training horses this way and most people have only applied it to a small group of horses.  So we decided to combine our years of experience so that we could share it with others, so that they could learn from our successes….as well as our mistakes!   We want to see positive reinforcement grow and become a widespread, well accepted and understood part of the horse world.  To do this we need to stand together and get more qualified ambassadors out there helping people to get it right…to get Connected!


Who Are We Looking For?
As with our training, we’re looking for the right attitude more than anything! If you absolutely love training horses this way and are enthusiastic about helping to spread the word for horses and their humans, this could be for you! We’re looking for people around the world who are genuine, supportive and understanding to teach and help other people through this journey. A love of horses and positive training as well as the desire to help others learn and reach their best potential are a must!

Business should be fun, so we are looking for potential instructors who we like, trust and who share our vision for a world where training is rewarding for both horse and human is the norm. You should be independent and self motivated, but also able to appreciate the benefits and compromises that come with being part of a larger organisation.

If you have a passion for positive horse training, we hope you’ll explore this opportunity further!

Charity Place
As you know, we are all passionate about helping rescued and needy equines here at CT (check out Horse Charities go FREE for our online courses). Each year, we will be allocating one place on our Instructor Programme to an equine charity worker for only 25% of the fee so that even more rescued horses can benefit from the joy of positive horse training.

What Next?
Our current Instructor Course is already under way.
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