Video Seminar: Improve Any Behaviour and Deepen Your Bond with your Horse (4 Elements of Connection Training)

Hello and welcome to Connection Training!
In this free video class with Hannah Weston, you’ll learn why: 

Reward-based training is such a powerful (and fun!) technique to use with your horse.
‣ Your horses’ emotions drive your horse’s behaviour and understanding how your horse feels (and how to change it) will make all the difference.
‣ The relationship (or ‘connection’) between you and your horse is the single most important thing to your happiness and success with your horse.
Clarity is so important to your horse and how you can improve your communication together.

You’ll learn how you can combine all of this in your real-world training, whether you’re problem-solving, teaching groundwork or improving your ridden connection with your horse.

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Ready to learn how to positively train your horse with ease?

Thank you for watching our whistle-stop tour of CT. Training your horse is a complex topic and every horse is different, so we just managed to scratch the surface and cover some over-riding principles in this video. We hope they gave you a good idea of how our approach and how Connection Training works!

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We look forward to seeing you inside the Club! All the best and happy horse training,
Hannah and Rachel

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Discover how to positively train your horse using our step-by-step science-backed techniques that easily build your knowledge, skills, and confidence (while keeping your horse more calm, relaxed, and connected).

The CT Club is an online membership site, giving you access to world-class coaches. You can join from anywhere in the world and access hundreds of  reward-based step-by-step horse training videos in our Home Study Courses. These are organised into programmes to get you started, solve handling problems like leading or feet issues right up to training freejumping and riding. We also provide regular extra content to our Members on training techniques and practical sessions.

The CT Club is also a wonderful community. It is a diverse, friendly and supportive place to learn where you can meet other members, enter our monthly training challenges, join in our live Q&A’s and access the forum. One to one online coaching is also available to members.

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