Teaching A-B Free Jumping

As you might know, A-B Free Jumping is one of my favourite exercises. It has many benefits, including:
> Teaching horses to problem-solve as they learn to go from one person to the other.
> Building horses’ body awareness and confidence first over poles, then over jumps.
> Allows horses to figure out their own stride and balance over a jump without being chased.
> Improving impulse control as the horses learn to lift their energy to pop over a jump and then settle back down with their handler.
> It’s also a lot of fun for everyone!
In this video, I’m working with Gemma as we teach her gorgeous mare, Phoebe, the first steps of A- B Free Jumping.

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Shawna Karrasch was a founding member of Connection Training, contributing great material like this video. In 2018, she moved onto a new project – you can now find her at Terra Nova, a training center in New Mexico, US, where she teaches lessons and clinics.



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