Hello! I am a recently certified CT Coach based in Arizona, USA.  I grew up as a horse-crazy kid in Australia, but it wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I got fully immersed into horses. I started by leasing and taking lessons in the Seattle area before purchasing a 2-year-old RMH gelding that grew to be 16.3 hh. I found myself with a lot of horse and very little understanding of how to handle him! As was the trend at the time, I went down the natural horsemanship path. 


Seven years ago I moved to Arizona and fulfilled a dream of adopting a wild horse. I quickly realized that the dominance-based methods I had been taught were not only ineffective but potentially dangerous. This led me to look for a gentler training method and I found it with clicker training. Like many people, I made every rookie mistake in the book when I started, which my first mustang thankfully tolerated, but my next mustang was much less forgiving and challenged me to do better. It was because of him that I delved into Connection Training and started applying myself to learning the science of equine training, behavior, and emotions. 


I currently care for and train four resident mustangs and a burro, all previously wild. I have a particular interest and passion for working with mustangs, burros, and domestic equines that are fearful, unhandled, or traumatized. I am really excited to be part of the Connection Training family!



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