Training Kit


We’ve put this kit together so you can have some of the essential tools for positive reinforcement training.

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Save money with our Training Kit 

It includes:
> 1 Extendable Target
> 1 Treatbag
> 1 Connection Training Clicker


Extendable Target
This lightweight professional target with a clicker attached is a must have for teaching endless behaviours using positive reinforcement. Fully extended this versatile target reaches a metre long, making it a great tool for leading, lunging and directing your horse. It’s made of durable materials and weighs only 200g so is easy to carry and use.



Our branded Connection Training treat bag is perfect for carrying a substantial amount of food rewards for your horse. It has a large main compartment for treats, a smaller compartment, a phone pocket at the back and a clip for your clicker.



Connectin Training Clicker
We have found that the best way to help horses learn, particularly at the start of their clicker training journey, is to use is a clicker. A clicker will make the same sound every time you use it. It’s loud enough that your horse will hear it, even if you’re working at a distance from each other, and it’s very compact so you can keep it in your pocket.


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