Overcoming Overarousal Webinar

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You can access more info and support in the CT Club:

1. You can see all the training videos in full of all the equines shown in this webinar. 

2. There are other resources on over arousal and emotional balance.

3. We have a 4 week study group this month running on overcoming over-arousal where you can try all of these solutions with the support of a coach. You will be guided through different things to try each week and you can share your videos an questions in the group where CT Coach Laura Venema (who is also a certified behaviourist) will be there to help you work out the best solutions for your horse. This Study Group runs 6th May – 2nd June. 

4. A LOT of other materials and support to train all sorts of behaviours from hoof lifting to riding with rewards – all included in your membership.

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You can join and test it out to see if you like it. Membership is monthly and you can join for as along or as short as you like, so if it’s not for you, you can cancel within the first month and not pay anything at all. But, we hope you love it and stay part of our community of hundreds of positive horse trainers around the world ❤️

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Over-arousal Sneak Peek

Here are some of the materials on over-arousal and related topics in the CT Club:

Foundation Course
You can see the first 8 training sessions in full, completely unabridged with Ned (the donkey) and Tino (the coloured colt), so you can see all the ups and downs and exactly how I helped them both find emotional balance.
In this course, you can also see all the training with Zambi, the zebra x donkey.

Training Techniques Course
Module 5 of this Course is all about finding emotioal balance and there are a LOT more resources there on over-arousal, so if you want to dive deep into the science behind it, why I think it happens, how it shows up in different ways and loads more practical techniques and case studies to overcome it, you’ll find that here.

(you can skip to any video in any course at any time – it’s not drip fed. As soon as you join, you have instant access to EVERYTHING.)

Any more questions? Just email us at theteam@connectiontraining.com and we’ll be happy to help 😊

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