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Hello, I’m Miki, a dedicated positive reinforcement trainer and coach based on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.  

I have been riding, competing, and horse keeping since I was kid and my journey into the world of R+ horse training a decade ago began with a simple goal: to learn how to communicate and train in a way that brings as much joy to horses as it brings to us. 

Becoming a qualified Connection Training Coach reflects my commitment to continuous learning and my passion for fostering meaningful connections through empathetic and science-based approaches. Connection Training’s focus on understanding the horse’s perspective, making training fun and rewarding for both the horse and the human, and developing clear, compassionate communication perfectly aligns with my own values and I would love to work with students who share this vision.

Whether you are new to positive reinforcement or looking to refine your skills, I am here to support you and your horse on this rewarding journey. 
Together, we can create a partnership built on trust, fun, and mutual understanding.
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