Hi, I’m Maria-Lucy Neason and I have been involved with horses since I first sat on my aunt’s hunter
when I was a little girl. After a childhood of pony and riding clubs, I went on to become an instructor
with the British Horse Society gaining first my Assistant and then my Intermediate Instructor’s

I worked in the horse industry as an instructor, yard manager and chief instructor coaching riders of
all abilities and training horses before progressing into Further and Higher Education as a lecturer.
Along the way I have accumulated various equine qualifications including a MSc in Equine Studies.
Early in my career I developed an interest in movement and biomechanics, and I was lucky enough
to work with some great trainers, who believed in allowing the horse to develop slowly whilst
emphasising the importance of groundwork in the training process. I have spent the last few years
including horse agility in the training as this really helps foster great proprioception and confidence
in both the horse and handler and it’s fun!

Reflecting on my equine career I always felt that I was missing something, and CT turned out to be
the absent piece of the jigsaw and a transformative breakthrough in the way I handle my horses and
prepare them for all activities ranging from daily handling including preparation for the vet and
farrier to ridden work.

I love coaching and I love coaching with CT even more! I love the fact that CT focuses on the
emotions of the horse and empowers them to have some choice in their training which in turn
fosters a unique horse and human partnership.

I also love watching my clients grow in confidence and ability, feeling empowered to try things out
without recrimination or fear. I love to share my experience and offer online coaching with video
reviews and zoom calls and I also do one-to-one in person coaching.



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