Skype: annidala

I am a horse behaviour therapist, trainer and coach, specialized in fear-related behaviour. I run a small rescue with 8 horses and am passionate about helping horses, especially rescues, to enrich their lives and to empower them through the application of positive reinforcement training and by providing choice. For me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a horse open up, blossom and build trust. Witnessing that first spark in their eyes is what really makes my day!   

I have a special interest in learned helplessness and depression in horses. I have graduated on the subject and I am currently looking for a PhD position to study it further. 


Being a CT Coach is a perfect complement to my background, skills and interests. I have been working with positive reinforcement for many years but everything falls into place with CT. It combines my love of horses, science, and the fun of training into one. I have been using CT with all of my horses in training and behavioural clients because of its broad applicability to all kinds of horses and behavioural issues. And now I feel so privileged to call myself a certified CT coach.


My vision is to help even more horses and their humans to better understand each other. It is so wonderful working with people who love their horses, who are proud of their horses and who want to learn. I love going into detail, setting clear goals, building fun into the training, and searching for creative ways to accomplish the goals of each individual horse-human partnership.



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