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Connection Training Instructors

We (will!) have Connection Training Instructors around the world to give support and spread the word. We are just embarking on this journey, launching our first Instructor Programme in 2017.

However, we do have 1 Connection Training Instructor already! Our first Instructor is Claire Waldron who has worked closely with us since the beginning of Connection Training. She is also involved in event organisation and customer support, so you may well have spoken to her by email already! She is based in Spain and has loads of riding and training experience and has shown enthusiasm, dedication and skill at applying Connection Training to her own and other horses – scroll down to find out more about her.

We’ll keep you posted as we get more CT Instructors and they’ll be listed on this page. You can find out about their location, equine specialities and get to know them through their videos and blogs.

Instructor Directory

Claire Waldron

Claire Waldron

Location: Spain

Area Covered: I’m based near Granada but will happily travel around Spain, Portugal and the Azores. 

Horsey Bio: I’ve  loved horses and ridden all my life. My earlier horse years included County Shows and some One Day Eventing as well as helping and teaching at my local riding school. I have a  HND in Equine Mangement & Technology, which included a year out at Leahurst’s Equine Hospital teaching vet students about general horse handling and assiting where ever I could around the hospital. Since moving to Spain I have rescued  horses and ponies and worked on their mental, physical and emotional rehabilitation.

I joined Connection Training when it first started and love using reward based training, it has given me a new path in life. I then joined the CT Team to help with Customer Support, whilst doing this I kept working towards my goal of becoming an Instructor. I taught and volunteered locally at a rescue centre, trekking centre and privately. I also took on 2 unhandleable rescued ponies, along with my own rescued horses. You can see my training with these horses below in the blogs I have done for Connection Training. I also spoke at the Connection Training Conference 2016.

Connection Training blog Videos:


For more info:
Facebook Page: Positive Reinforcemanship
Youtube Channel: Positive Reinforcemanship

My foster ponies Hope and Valiente come from ARCH Rescue Centre, Malaga –  we feature in their newsletter from time to time. Here are the links:

Click, Click – Archies Issue 21
Valiente’s Progress
When TLC Isn’t Enough
Hope and Valiente off to School – Archies Issue 1

Contact Details:
Please contact me for upcoming events and information on lessons and clinics.

Skype: claire.waldron
Mobile Tel: 0034 696672477