How to Teach Your Foal to Lead Calmly and Positively

Foals don’t always have the best experience when learning to lead – it can be a frightening experience having a halter and rope on for the first time. This can cause pulling and fighting from the foal as they work it out. However, there is another way which is calm, safe and positive for everyone involved and it uses (yes, you guessed it!) the target!

In this video I’m working with a 6 month foal using the target to teach him how to lead safely on a halter and leadrope. As you can see he’s doing great and learning it nicely!

You can find full details of teaching horses how to lead using CT, including stopping barging, pulling, planting and other leading issues in our Daily Handling Home Study Course.

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5 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Foal to Lead Calmly and Positively”

  1. Once more, you ladies post about just what I’ve been mulling. Your timing is impeccable. 😉

    My babies are just a month old but was thinking of trying to introduce them to a target – they are both very inquisitive and love scratches. They’re not old enough (with enough teeth lol) for a food reward, but a scratch should be effective, no?

    1. Rachel Bedingfield

      Yes, Kendra, scratching is brilliant for foals. They also just love the attention and the opportunity to play and be inquisitive. The secret is really short sessions as they will soon tire of the wanted behaviour and start to have fun doing other things, like nipping and bouncing! Please take some pics or video if you can. I adore foals and love watching them learn!

  2. Very interesting. I know you explain a lot but it is nice to see a video of just how you do it. How about some more videos of foals.

  3. Hi. I wonder if you can help us. We have acquired, happily, a 1yr 3mth Appaloosa gelding. He has a head collar on since foal and has just been left in a field. We are finding him extremely tricky to get near to begin his learning. However He is beginning to trust us in that we can stroke his face and more recently down to his shoulder. He follows me around field when I’m poo picking and is beginning to nibble my jacket. I love your training aid you have in video. What exactly is it and where can I get one. Any advice welcome please.

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