How to Teach Leg-Yield – Easy First Steps | A simple and positive approach to lateral work

Leg-yield is the first lateral movement we train as it’s the easiest way to teach horses the concept of going forwards and sideways at the same time. In this video, I show you my simple approach to introducing leg-yield.

I start on the ground making sure that my cues are clear and that Heather understands it before moving into the saddle. I explain how to set up a leg-yield lane to make it easier for your horse and how to stop your horse trailing her quarters in leg-yield.

I use reward based training techniques, aka positive reinforcement or clicker training. This enables me to click the moment when Heather does the right thing, giving my a huge amount of precision in my timing when starting this exercise. Using rewards helps to keep Heather motivated to try – you can see she’s really working hard to figure out the exercise along with me and that’s what a ridden partnership is all about. She’s relaxed, responsive and eager.

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➣ This is a short extract from a full series of videos in the CT Club showing my training of Heather on the ground and in the saddle. You can also find videos explaining exactly what each exercise is and the benefits it gives your horse – there’s a whole series looking at healthy equine movement, showing you what to look for and why. Then, of course, we move onto how to train it positively, with a step by step gymnastic groundwork course and full riding course, too.

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2 thoughts on “How to Teach Leg-Yield – Easy First Steps | A simple and positive approach to lateral work”

  1. Susan Berglund

    It’s a nice video but I need you to describe to me what you are doing with your leg and hands. I need it to be broken down with more explanation.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks and glad you enjoyed it! You can find a lot more detail on lateral movements and riding techniques along with the training techniques in the CT Club. We have whole courses on Gymnastic Groundwork and Riding with Connection, including more full length videos on training and riding leg yield, so do check it out:

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