How to Improve Forwards Motivation and Responsiveness when Riding

It doesn’t feel good to ride a horse who doesn’t go forwards or listen to your aids. When they’re not really listening, not very motivated and feel that they’d rather be somewhere else, it isn’t fun for either of you. 

Since we’re all about finding the joy and working together with your horse, we want to change these emotions so that you’re both connected and enthusiastic.

This video shows one technique you can use to positively bring more clarity, enthusiasm and forwards to your horse when riding. As your horse tunes into you and becomes an active participant in the exercise, you’ll feel like you’re working together to achieve the same goal (that’s when riding feels fantastic!). 

This exercise is very effective and you can see the change in Irish Draught, Lily, almost immediately:


It’s worth noting that we address all issues from many angles, so alongside this exercise, Lily also received regular bodywork (her owner, Sophie, is an Equine Body Worker), gymnastic groundwork training, change of saddle, rider posture work and lots of just-for-fun exercises to build her general joy, problem-solving abilities and relationship with Sophie. I find that this more holistic approach is needed to really enable horses to become as healthy and happy as possible.

If you enjoyed it, do check out the CT Club where you can watch these full lessons with Sophie and Lily, alongside hundreds of other videos on connecting with your horse, solving problems, groundwork and riding. I’d love to see you there!

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