Hosting an Event


Clinics, Demonstrations and Lectures

Hosting an event is a great way to get Shawna, Hannah or Rachel to YOU! We travel all over the world teaching positive training to horse owners and trainers from all walks of life. By hosting an event, you can bring this opportunity to your area, get personal access to Shawna, Hannah or Rachel and help to spread the word about positive horse training in your community.

Whether you’re a seasoned event-planner or are interested in hosting a clinic at your yard for the first time, we will support you through this on everything from the facilities you’ll need to marketing your event and spreading the word. You can run a small, private event or a larger event – the details are up to you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about running an event of any kind, please send Claire an email at She will send you your Host’s Pack, which contains all the information you need to know about running a Connection Training event and Claire will talk to you directly to arrange dates, location and answer any questions you might have.

Which Coach is Right for You?
Shawna, Hannah and Rachel are all experienced teachers and will provide a fantastic, professional and friendly event. Your location and dates will have some influence over which coach is available, but if you have a strong preference do let us know.

Each coach has years of experience in the foundation work, problem horses and handling issues. They are all able to offer advice and solutions to any situation, but, especially when it comes to the riding, each also has their specialities:

Shawna has over 20 years of experience teaching positive training for horses so has loads of¬†expertise and experience. She has had great results working with high level competition riders, so if you’re looking to add it into a competitive environment, Shawna is the one for you.
Shawna is based in California, US

Hannah‘s equine career started out as an equine bodyworker, which ignited a passion for healthy movement. Hannah has taken this into her training combining exercises for balance, strength and suppleness with a strong understanding of how the rider’s seat influences the horse.

Rachel‘s varied career has included teaching personal development as well as running many equine behaviour and welfare events. She is brilliant at building horse and rider confidence and delving deeper into the¬†science of emotions and horse management and how this influences your training sessions.
Hannah and Rachel are based in Yorkshire, UK

To get the ball rolling or find out more, contact Claire at to get your Host’s Pack!