Horses Saying “Yes” and “No” – How to Read Your Horse’s Emotions

Listening to your horse means being able to read what he’s saying through his body language. Horses express fear, joy, confidence, anxiety, confusion and frustration through movements and actions – when you watch for these behavioural signs and respond to them, you start to open up the conversation between you and your horse.

Even though we’re talking about ‘behaviour’, you can see that it’s really about ’emotions’. How your horse feels causes his behaviour so emotions and behaviour are inseparable.

When we’re looking into the topic of choice and making sure that our horses can safely tell us when they’re struggling with something, it comes down to observing your horse’s behaviour to figure out how he’s feeling about it and then responding appropriately. This gives horses a voice in their training and is key to a fair, safe and trusting relationship.

This video looks into HOW horses express different ways of saying ‘yes’ (that they’re happy with something) or ‘no’ (that they’re unhappy with something).

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