Horse Charities Go FREE!


Reward-based training is a brilliant way to build confidence and joy in abused or neglected equines. Across the world, these needy equines are being rescued and rehabilitated by wonderful people. We want to support registered rescue centres and charities by teaching staff these techniques. We know that funds are always scarce and so we want to provide this training for free.

Working with rescued horses is a passion we all share – Hannah and Rachel care for 7 rescued horses in Yorkshire, UK, Shawna cares for 9 rescued horses and donkeys in California, US, and Claire has 4 rescues in Spain. There are always horses in need and seeing their fear give way to confidence and joy is the most rewarding experience. 

Registered equine charities get free access to all our Online Courses and support through Connected Membership ($997 value!).
To request a charity access application form please contact:

Buying our online courses for your own equine education helps us make this opportunity available for charities, so THANK YOU!
If you’d like to support us directly to keep this training available for charities, please donate any spare pennies. Thank you! 

Real-life Rescue Case Studies


Here are the charities currently using Connection Training.

Click on them to visit their sites:

Hope Pastures, UK

A.R.C.H, Spain

Holly’s Horse Haven, Ireland

Their Voice, Portugal

Ninovan, The Azores

Eagle Wings Ranch, USA

Pferdesportverein Basdorf e.V, Germany

Foster Farms, AU

Empowered Equines

Live and Let Live Farm

Mane Chance Sanctuary

Horse Sense Wirral

Conquest Centre

Sussex Horse Rescue Trust 

Blue Acre Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation 

Cape Fear Equine Rescue League 

Ride On St Louis

Heartland Rescue Ranch

Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary 

The Horse Trust

Sophia’s Oasis for Equines

Riding For The Disabled – Australia

Peaceful Ridge Rescue 

LBL Equine Rescue

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Scottish Pony Partners