Riding with Connection Conference 2016 Online

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Want to know more about using rewards with your horse when riding?

Here you can get access to all the lectures and more from our Riding with Connection Conference September 2016!

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Here’s exactly what you get in the course:

Includes nearly 5 hours of lectures PLUS 4.5 hours of extra bonus footage from the lessons and demonstrations!

img_7335The Lectures
All the lectures in full from the Riding with Connection Conference 2016!
> Shawna Karrasch – Rewarding Riding: Fine-tuning for Top Performance
Drawing on her vast experience of coaching a wide range of riders from leisure riders to Olympians, Shawna will explain why reward-based training is so effective for the ridden horse. Answering questions from real riders, Shawna will show you how to add these techniques in to your current riding to get the best results possible.
43 Minutes
> Rachel Bedingfield – Connection Creates Confidence
In this interactive session, Rachel will teach you the three C’s of Confidence: Comfort, Connection and Core. Firstly, Rachel will help you to identify you and your horse’s true comfort zone, from where you can build your confidence together. Exploring the work at the mounting block, she will then show you how to take the great connection you have with your horse on the ground into the saddle. This is probably the most important part of establishing ridden connection and it’s vital to know how to get it rock solid. Finally, drawing on both her tai chi riding and reward-based training experience, she’ll give you some simple, practical actions you can take when you feel connection slipping away under saddle. This will bring your horse to back to you, so you can both stay safe, stay calm and continue with your connection intact.
47 Minutes
> Rachel Bedingfield and Hannah Weston – Connecting to Your Core
In this session, Rachel talks you through connecting to your core while sitting or standing. You can do these exercises anywhere, whether washing the dishes or driving to work, to improve your seat on your horse! Hannah then demonstrates how these directly correlate to your seat in the saddle and gives you some top tips for getting centred and connected when riding.
20 Minutes
> Hannah Weston – Suppleness, Straightness and Engagement: The Rewarding Way to Get Connected
Engaged, balanced movement is so important for the sound, healthy and happy riding horse. But how do you teach straightness and suppling exercises using reward-based training? Hannah will explain exactly what healthy movement is, the progression of exercises she teaches to achieve this baseline for all ridden horses and how to do this using rewards so it’s clear and fun for both you and your horse. This work also builds fantastic communication, responsiveness and relaxation in your horse – the pillars of great connection in the saddle.
50 Minutes
> Claire Waldron – From Rescue to Ridden
Although an experienced rider, Claire was stuck with her rescued mare, Segura, – after a couple of falls, they’d both completely lost their confidence and trust in each other. Claire will take you on her journey of using reward-based training to build their relationship in each other and gain connection and confidence under saddle.
24 Minutes
> Dr Jo Goliszek – There’s More Than One Way to Clicker Train!
Jo explains what her highly sensitive horse, Orio, has taught her about training using positive reinforcement. You can hear about her highs and lows as she learned how to tailor the training to suit her horse and the different techniques she’s used to bring joy and relaxation to the forefront of their training.
18 Minutes

> Loni Loftus – Is My Horse in Pain or Happy to Train?
When we hit behavioural problems connected to riding, it can be difficult to know if the cause arises from a physical pain issue such as an incorrectly fitting saddle etc, or whether it’s purely a training issue. If there is a foundational problem arising from pain, it will be detrimental to try and train away the problem. But telling the difference can be difficult. Loni has been closely involved with the development of the Grimace Scale, a visual guide to pain expression in horses. Her current phD involves researching how to measure positive affect, or happiness, in horses. In her talk, she will discuss how we can assess from our horse’s behaviour and expressions wheteher the behaviour is likely to stem from pain. Since we also want our horses to enjoy the enrichment and health benefits riding can bring, she will guide us into recognising behvaiours that indicate our horses are enjoying the experience, too.
38 Minutes

> Melanie Watson – It’s Never Too Late: Overcoming Problem Behaviours in the Saddle
There is never a time in any horse’s life, nor in ours, where we cannot learn new ideas or start to problem solve. Melanie implements science-based positive training to change problem behaviours like napping, bolting, rearing and bucking. These are awful for the owner and even worse for the horse, as they are often an expression of confusion, frustration and fear. With clarity, communication and positivity, this can be changed calmly and effectively. Melanie will use real-life case studies from her training yard to give you practical solutions to these ridden problems. Her training methods have proved to be highly effective and bring the joy back to the horses and peace their owners!
46 Minutes
PLUS Over 4.5 hours of Extra Bonus Footage *FREE*
> Live Demonstration from Rachel Bedingfield on Teaching a Back-up: Transferring a Cue from the Ground to the Saddle

> Live Demonstration from Hannah Weston on the Elements of Riding with Connection

> Lessons from Hannah Weston on teaching Suppling, Responsiveness and Relaxation

> Lessons from Shawna Karrasch on Building Confidence over Spooky and Narrow Jumps and Working on Separation Anxiety Away From Home
*Please note: since most of these live sessions were recorded in an arena showing real-time, real-life training, there are times when the sound is not 100% clear.
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Want to know more about the speakers? Here are the Speaker Bios:

shawna picShawna Karrasch
Shawna started her reward-based training career with marine mammals, but has been working with horses for over 20 years. In 1994, Shawna began working with 2 time Olympic gold medalist Beezie Madden and her husband John Madden, applying positive reinforcement to their showjumpers. Since then, she has worked with horse owners and riders from all disciplines to solve problems and boost performance through her business, On Target Training. Shawna is now a partner in Connection Training. Her book, “You Can Train Your Horse to do Anything”, was published in 2000.
hannah frecks trot picHannah Weston
Hannah has been teaching reward-based training for horses for nearly a decade, both in person and online through her first website, Clix College, and now here, at Connection Training. Along with Rachel, Hannah founded and ran the previous Equine Clicker Conferences in 2012 and 2013. Her holistic approach includes knowledge and experience from many areas of horsemanship including extensive training in Tai Chi riding, classical dressage, her work as a qualified Equine Bodywork and more. She brings this all together with Connection Training to create balanced horses and riders, who have fun, solve problems and achieve maximum performance. Her view is “if you can dream it, you can train it!
rachel-roisin-1-290x300Rachel Bedingfield
Although being horse-mad her whole life, Rachel’s previous careers include being an organic farm advisor (one of the first!) and running her own business in management development. That all changed when she became a horse owner for the first time in 1998, which ignited her passion for creating the best environment for our horses to thrive in. In 2001 she formed the Natural Horse Group and began running regular clinics and workshops with the best equine practitioners from around the world on everything from training to hoof care to nutrition. In 2004 she began the Natural Horse Shop, retailing equine whole feeds advising horse owners on nutrition and management. In 2006 she began to work with James Shaw and ran his tai chi based “Ride from Within” workshops in the UK until 2011. In 2010 she began to work with Hannah to create her on-line equine clicker academy, Clix College, which evolved into Connection Training, in partnership with Shawna Karrasch in 2014. She is also one of the founders of the Equine Clicker Conference 2012 and 2013.


DSCN2055Melanie Watson
Melanie has run her professional horse training yard since 1985. Originally, she learned traditional training methods to gain her BHSAI. She then spent 18 months at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna learning Classical training from the Head Riders there. She then transferred all this knowledge into producing well balanced racehorses (believe it or not!) for 3 years at a racing yard in Gloucester, then working for Trevor Banks working with international showjumpers. Melanie applied all this experience and education to her training when she started her own business, as well as incorporating Natural Horsemanship techniques for a long time. Despite the years of success, she questioned these techniques, always looking for ways to improve her training and reduce the pressure on the horses. When she came across positive reinforcement several years ago, the science of learning and behaviour made complete sense. With such an extensive equestrian background, Melanie transferred to reward-based training quickly and easily (“See! It’s never too late!” says Melanie). She gets consistently great results, often with very difficult horses whose owners feel out of options. Working gently and positively with horse and human, she builds their joy, confidence and trust together for long-term changes.


loni picLoni Loftus, B.Sc, M.Sc
Loni holds a B.Sc in Equine Science and an M.Sc. in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare. She is currently the Degree Manager and Lecturer in Equine Science and Welfare at Askham Bryan College, York. Previously she has owned and managed her own equine training and rehabilitation centre, worked as an education consultant to a veterinary company; led the veterinary behaviour programme for the Central College of Animal Studies and run her own companion animal behaviour consultancy.
Her previous research has included wound care protocol; welfare aspects of different types of equine euthanasia and the recognition of pain in horses. She is currently studying for a Doctorate, measuring positive affect in horses and is researching into the prevalence of behavioural problems in traditional management practises in large equine facilities.
jo goliszekDr Jo Goliszek
After qualifying as a veterinarian in 2011, Jo has worked with horses and donkeys in a variety of roles including university hospitals and large scale charities. She is passionate about animal welfare and behaviour as well as riding and training horses to use their bodies in a healthy way. She has two youngsters who she has backed herself using positive reinforcement training.

claire-waldron-and-seguraClaire Waldron
With a lifelong passion for all things equine, Claire graduated in 1996 HND in Equine Management & Technology, and was the first HND student to be taken on by Liverpool University’s equine teaching hospital Leahurst. Whilst there she taught equine handling to the vet students and managed the stud of Welsh ponies as well as assisting in the hospital. Claire has since completed diplomas in Equine Ethology and behaviour and Equine Psychology. Before leaving the UK she enjoyed eventing and competing at County Shows, Claire now lives in Spain with her family. Using positive reinforcement she is  rehabilitating her own rescued mare into a safe riding horse and is fostering 2 abused ponies for a Spanish equine rescue centre.

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