Foal Handling Trained Positively – Standing, Grooming and Headcollar Training

Giving your foal the best introduction to handling sets them up for success for the rest of their life. The star of this video is Maverick, a surprise mule foal who arrived at my training centre in Spain as an extra freebie when we rescued his Mum, a PRE mare named Selena. Unlike his Dam, Mav has had plenty of great human interactions since birth, but he also needs to learn specific handling behaviours such as standing still, touch acceptance all over, wearing a headcollar and so on.

In this video you can see how we worked with 10 month old Mav to teach him some basic handling exercises calmly and positively, so that it’s a good experience throughout. 

Mav is working with CT Coach Claire Waldron who runs Positive Horse Training, Spain, alongside me.

If you enjoyed it, do check out the CT Club where you can watch full setp-by-step videos on how to positively teach your horse all of these handling behaviours plus many more such as how to be easy to catch, lift their feet and lead. There are also hundreds of other videos on connecting with your horse, solving problems, groundwork and riding. I’d love to see you there!

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