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4 Week Study Group – Foundation Theory Lessons 2

March 29, 2021 - April 25, 2021

This is an online Study Group, hosted in the CT Club.
March 29th – April 25th 2021.
It is FREE for all CT Club members.
In our study groups, we help you to follow a training schedule to stay focused and make progress with your horse. They are usually 4 weeks long and follow a specific topic or Home Study Course.
Each week you will be directed to training videos, followed by specific exercises to try with your horse. They offer a group learning environment where you can learn alongside other members, helping each other out. Hannah, Rachel and the CT Coaches also offer some guidance and reviews through these Study Groups.
You can join in as many Study Groups as you like. There are Foundation Study Groups for those just getting started and general Study Groups covering a wide variety of behaviours – just choose and join in the ones you fancy!
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What You Will Learn:
This Study Group dives into some deeper theory and principles from the Foundation Course. We’ll look at topics such as balancing relaxation and motivation, fading out the treats, understanding cues and more. This knowledge will improve and refine your training for your horse.

It covers:

Week 1
This week is all about diving in deeper into the emotional side as we look at impulse control, relaxation and motivation in training. Finding this emotional balance is the core of Connection Training because when your horse is relaxed, connected and willing, everything is much easier and more joyful for both of you.

Week 2
Taking the emotional understanding further, this week we’re looking at how to approach horses who are having a strong emotional, and therefore behavioural, reaction to handling and training. This is usually due to their history and personality. We’ll look in depth at how to deal with two common scenarios – horses who are extremely anxious about being handled and trained, and horses who show over-arousal, such as over-excitement, tension, frustration, grabbing, dropping and so on. This is useful for all horse owners, even if your horse isn’t showing these behaviours, because the sooner you can recognise emotional signs of anxiety and over-arousal, the easier it is to adapt your training to help your horse.

Week 3
This week we’re looking deeper at cues. What makes a good cue? How do you transfer a cue? The emotions associated with cues, and so on. How you cue and when you cue also has a big impact on your horse, so we’ll look at some ways you can improve your cues to help your horse stay relaxed, connected and focused.

Week 4
In this final week, we’ll look at some training techniques around fading out the clicker, food and target. This is a common question because you don’t want to be feeding every tiny thing forever, so we’ll address here how you can move on once your horse knows and understands a behaviour.

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March 29, 2021
April 25, 2021
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