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4 Week Study Group – Foundation Practical Lessons 2

May 3, 2021 - May 30, 2021

This is an online Study Group, hosted in the CT Club.
May 3rd – 30th 2021.
It is FREE for all CT Club members.
In our study groups, we help you to follow a training schedule to stay focused and make progress with your horse. They are usually 4 weeks long and follow a specific topic or Home Study Course.
Each week you will be directed to training videos, followed by specific exercises to try with your horse. They offer a group learning environment where you can learn alongside other members, helping each other out. Hannah, Rachel and the CT Coaches also offer some guidance and reviews through these Study Groups.
You can join in as many Study Groups as you like. There are Foundation Study Groups for those just getting started and general Study Groups covering a wide variety of behaviours – just choose and join in the ones you fancy!
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What You Will Learn:

This Study Group takes you through the second half of the Foundation Course and supports you as you continue to work with your horse using the CT techniques. You’ll teach your horse to send and hold on a target, stand on a mat or mark, train a soft back-up and learn how to put all the behaviours together to bring more flow, softness and communication to your training.

It covers:

Week 1
This week we’ll look at teach send to and hold on the target. There are loads of benefits of teaching your horse to send to and hold on a target, from teaching your horse to be happy moving away from you to using hold on a target to build a ‘stay’. They can then be used for teaching horses to stand tied, manners around feedtime and gateways, use around the stable and for loading and travelling.
Of course, the more your horse learns in this way, the better he will become at problem-solving, so teaching something new will help build those learning skills and keep you moving on fast enough to keep your horse’s brain engaged!

Week 2
The next behaviour we’ll teach is standing on a mat, board or ‘mark’. Standing on a Mark (also known as ‘stationing’ or ‘foot targeting’) is teaching your horse to stand on a mat, board or low pedestal. This is a great exercise to further improve your horse’s problem-solving abilities and your training skills. However, it also teaches your horse body awareness as he becomes much more aware of his feet and what he’s standing on, it builds horses’ confidence to step onto new surfaces such as into puddles or onto a horsebox ramp and it can be used to improve your horse’s ‘stay’, standing tied, hoof lifting, freejumping and loads more.

Week 3
This week’s behaviour is training a soft back-up. Teaching your horse to back up easily is such a useful behaviour for so many situations such as leading, loading and daily handling. This video shows you how to teach your horse to back up from a hand on a chest, and then to transfer it to a voice cue. The second video shows you how you can use the target to teach a back up instead, and also how you can use the target to refine and improve the way your horse backs up.

Week 4
In this final week, we’ll look linking the behaviours together, building duration and bringing more flow and two-way conversation to your training with your horse.

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May 3, 2021
May 30, 2021
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