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You will get a response to your emails Monday-Friday. Please bear in mind that they are based in the UK and Spain, so if you are contacting us from the other side of the world there may be some delay due to time differences!
Claire and Nina can answer your questions about CT, help with your technical support and forward any relevant enquiries so get in touch with any question or feedback you have.

They both have a wealth of experience in horses and in Connection Training techniques, so will be able to help you out with horsey queries and send you in the right direction on the site, too!

Here’s a little bio from Claire about Claire:

claire-waldron-and-seguraI have always had a passion for horses and started riding age 10, my passion grew and when I was 18 I went to university to do a HND in Equine Management & Technology. My middle year was spent at Leahurst Equine Hospital which was an amazing experience. I had to take an extra year out after a serious accident on the college’s cross country course, this though enabled me to get a 4 year old on loan and bring her on. We had some great dressage lessons and went to some County Shows together too.
I am now living¬† in Spain and, after having a break from horses due to having children, I am well and truly immersed in equines again. I have a rescue mare, Segura, and for the past 14 months have been a member of Connection Training and absolutely love it. Training has never been so enjoyable for us both.” Claire Waldron



And one from Nina:
nina-on-india“Back in 2001, a positive reinforcement trainer gave a talk at the yard where I kept my horse, Shadow, and I had a paradigm shift which put me on a path filled with amazing education and experiences. This eventually¬†led me to Connection Training where I have learnt so much. As well as being passionate about improving horse welfare I also feel strongly about helping people. Connection Training is a place where both things happen every day so I feel right at home and I am so happy to say that I’m part of the team.”
Nina Sarkissian


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