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Shawna, Hannah and Rachel have teamed up to bring you a huge resource on reward-based training, wherever you are in the world.

Our Home Study Courses provide you with STEP-BY-STEP video tutorials through most horsey problems and questions. You can watch them any time to suit yourself…even on your phone down at the barn. Our videos feature owners and horses filmed while actually learning these lessons, so real people in real situations, showing what can go wrong as well as what works. Once you’ve bought a Course, it’s yours to stream for life, so you learn at your own pace. And you can re-visit any video as often as you need to.

You can see terrified horses come to love clipping; baulking horses bounding into the trailer; spooky horses calmly facing down the plastic bag monsters! You can see switched off horses light up and highly strung ones settle, relax and focus. Our combination of clear steps to follow, an emphasis on relaxation during training and a good dollop of rewards makes Connection Training a truly powerful technique! It can even be life-changing.

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Ask the CT Team!

“Ask The CT Team” is a place where you can submit questions about your horse, positive reinforcement and general horse training for Shawna, Hannah and Rachel to answer.

Your question can be about any aspect of horse training and riding – what would you like your horse to do better? More than one question? That’s fine, too – send them all!

To submit your question:
Email us at theteam@connectiontraining.com with the subject line: Ask the Team
Please be as specific as possible to so we can help you as much as possible.

Selected questions will be answered in blog videos. Make sure you’re on our mailing list (sign up below!) to get updated when new Ask The CT Team responses are posted.

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Shawna has been answering people’s horse training questions for years in her Ask Shawna videos. Explore her older videos here to find out the many ways that reward based training can solve your horse training problems: Shawna Karrasch on Youtube

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Hannah has been making horse training videos for years under her maiden name, Hannah Dawson. Explore her channel for training ideas and how to put the fun into horse training!
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