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Shawna, Hannah and Rachel have teamed up to bring you a huge resource on reward-based training, wherever you are in the world.
Between us, we’ve taught Olympic level riders and drivers, leisure owners, professional trainers and backers, rescue centres and more. So, whether you’re competing at a high level, a happy hacker, bitless or bitted, barefoot or shod, looking for a solution to a problem behavior or just looking to boost your relationship and have fun with your horse, this versatile technique can help you.

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If you’re new to positive reinforcement training, here’s a bit about what it is and how it works…

It is positive as we use a reward-based system, looking for your horse to say “yes” to your requests and you to say “yes” to his efforts. Clear communication and plenty of rewards will help your horse to become a willing and enthusiastic partner when you’re riding or training.

It’s based on sound science, proven to work effectively. We have specialized theory material and courses, bringing together the long known science of behaviourism with the most recent advances in brain science. After all, it’s really your horse’s brain that you are training!

And the “heart” – the most important part of the connection. ‘Heart’ is about emotion, attitude and feel. Most training problems and plateaus arise from anxiety, confusion or lack of motivation in the horse. If you can change these to relaxation, understanding and enthusiasm, getting the actual behaviour is easy. Making training sessions clear, fun and rewarding for both of you, means your horse will look forward to the time you spend together and will be eager to try harder and learn new things.

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Our Home Study Courses provide you with TONS of step-by-step video tutorials through most horsey problems and questions. You will get to learn from real people and horses really learning these lessons and some of it really is life-changing stuff! You can see terrified horses come to love clipping/loading/spooky stuff/whatever-it-is-your-horse-is-scared-of. You can see switched off horses come to light in their training sessions and highly strung ones settle, relax and focus. The combination of clear steps to follow, an emphasis on training your horse’s brain and emotions and a good dollop of rewards makes Connection Training a truly powerful technique! We told you it can be life-changing 🙂
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