Connection Training Centre

Welcome to our new Training Centre in beautiful Andalucía, Spain. We have created the Centre so that you can come and study the best of positive horsemanship while enjoying a villa holiday. We have beautiful Spanish horses for you to work with, while learning with Shawna, Hannah or Rachel. We also host great horse-keeping courses, with top instructors from all over the world.

Please look at our Events to plan your visit.

Our Horses

Selena and Triana

Our plan is simple. Rescue good young Spanish horses, who would end up in the meat market, and re-train them to become happy sound riding horses. They will be our main teachers on our courses and, as you work with them, you’ll know you are contributing to their happy future. And who knows? You may fall in love with one and want to take him or her home. And then we can rescue another one. Good plan, eh?

The horses are kept on approximately 15 acres of land, where they can wander through the olive and almond trees, living as a herd and getting lots of natural movement and play. They are all bare-foot, ridden bitless and fed a forage diet. We pay great attention to body-work, their physical comfort and saddle fit. This is guilt-free riding for you!

Our Courses

We’ll have courses for everyone from complete beginners to advanced riders. Learning with our horses is a great way to improve training your own horse. You learn about clarity because the horse doesn’t know you well enough to second guess you. You learn about yourself; what you bring to the training party. And you learn to read horses better as you need to understand the different ways individual horses express themselves.

Hope may be nearly blind but she loves playing targeting with Claire.

When it comes to more complex training, such as for loading and travelling, balance and straightness training or riding, you can learn on our horses before you reach that point in training your own horse. This is a real advantage as you can be clearer about exactly what you want and it really helps your home training to go much quicker.

Through the olive groves.







Your Accommodation

Your home from home.

You stay in our villa in the village of Cacin, which is about 2km from Claire‘s farm, where the horses live. The villa has four bedrooms, a large kitchen and first floor lounge and a big garden. We have a solar-heated pool, plus secluded shady areas where you can take yourself off to quietly read a book or have a snooze.

The house is run as a “home from home”. We can sleep 12 in a mixture of luxury bunk beds and single beds. Each bed has plenty of head-room, proper stairs to the top bunks and curtains so that you can shut away the world.


Ground Floor

Bedroom 1: Sleeps 4, en-suite bathroom and shower

Bedroom 2: Sleeps 3, en-suite bathroom and shower

First Floor   

Bedroom 3: Sleeps 3, large bathroom and shower, shared with Poppy

Bedroom 4: Sleeps 2, large bathroom and shower, shared with Roisin


Cacin village nestling in the valley – Click on the photo to watch the video about the beautiful river walk/ climb, local bar and Lake Bermejales


Our Courses include all meals and wine with the evening meal.

Catering is on a self-service basis. You help yourself to breakfast and lunch, which will include fresh bread, cheeses, fruit, salads and cold meats etc.

In the evening, we will provide meal ingredients and recipe instructions so that the group can take it in turns to prepare the meal. This is a way of getting to know your fellows better and also a way we can keep costs down for you. All evening meals will be vegetarian, with vegan, gluten and lactose free options. The self-service breakfasts and lunches will also cater for these requirements. We will eat out at least once in the week, usually the last night of the course.


Lesson Days

We also offer individual or small group courses with Claire Waldron and Rachel Bedingfield. In this case, you can book half or full-day lessons as it suits you. You can stay in the villa on a self-catering basis, or just come on a daily basis if you are staying in the area.

Contact Claire at to book.


Internships with Shawna Karrasch

Shawna is offering internships for individuals or pairs of students. You will stay in the villa with Shawna and have a full day of working with the horses and talking with Shawna about horse training. This is a great way to immerse yourself in training with one of the most experienced reward-based trainers in the world. This will be fully self-catering and it’s recommended you have a car during your stay.

Contact Claire at  for enquiries and to book.

Getting There

Address: Calle Cortijo Del Amo, 3, 18129, Cacin, Granada

Airports: Granada is the nearest airport, which is about 40 minutes drive. Course prices include group transfer from Granada. This means that we may need to ask you to wait or leave earlier than your flight dictates, in order to fill a car.

Malaga Airport  is about 1.5 hours drive. We can help organise transfers for you, including putting you in small groups to share transport. Alternatively, you can get a bus from Malaga Airport to Granada, where we can collect you, as above.

If you think you wish to travel around and sight-see, you would be better to hire a car. Again, we can ask if there are people who would like to car share.

Any Questions?

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful centre in Spain. Please email Claire with any questions you may have. Claire runs the Centre and is also a certified Connection Training Instructor so will be able to help you with travel enquiries, Course suitability for you, when Shawna is available for an internship etc. She is the fount of all Centre knowledge!

See you there!