Build Your Riding Confidence Using Target Training – A Simple Technique for ALL Levels of Rider

Do you get anxious when riding your horse? How do you keep your horse calm, focused and listening when you ride?

This targeting technique is really simple and I use it for horses and riders at all stages:

# First steps from the mounting block so you’re connected from the start.

# Teaching and refining aids for walk, halt and turn (great for keeping horses who nap, spook or get distracted calm and focused).

# Moving up into higher paces without worrying about losing the attention or control of the horse.

# Introducing or overcoming fear going over poles, spooky obstacles and jumps.

# Keeping horses responsive and safe when riding in open fields.

# Even training bridleless riding!

Most rider anxiety occurs when you feel your horse is tanking off, getting spooky, napping or not listening, so this is a huge piece in building your confidence. Using positive reinforcement (clicker training) is a really effective way to help your horse stay tuned in, responding to your aids and listening to you.

I hope this video shows you how you can use targets to stay safe and feel confident when riding your horse.

Let me know if you have questions or comments below ☟

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