Brain Games and Free Shaping to Enhance your Horse’s Creativity: “Show Me Something New”

I love that people around the world are pushing the limits of equine intelligence and horses are, of course, showing us that they are clever and creative in a whole range of different ways.

What are some ways you might begin to unlock this creativity and cognitive abilities in your own horse? This is what brain games are all about!

In this video you’ll learn more about brain games, a training technique called Free Shaping and a challenging creativity game called “Show Me Something New”.

You can find hundreds of step-by-step training tutorials in the CT Club. I’d love for you to join our friendly, supportive and fun global community and learn more about how to use CT in a practical way with your horse. Head over here to find out more. See you there!

You can also find out more in our book, which includes a whole chapter on trick training and brain games! 

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