“My life mission is to improve the connection between horses and their humans. I am passionate about equine behavior, positive reinforcement training, equine care practices and teaching. With that package I feel that I was born to be an equine trainer and coach! I am here to support you and your beloved equine in your journey to build the relationship that you have dreamed of!

I work with equines of all ages and sizes as well as humans of all ages and sizes! I use the word equine because I would like the owners of donkeys, mules, hinnies, zebras and crosses to feel as welcome as horse owners. You are all a very important part of the Connection Training community!

I specialize in equine training for emotional balance. If you have an equine that is hypervigilant, shut down or even both, I can help them rediscover their confidence through gentle and compassionate positive reinforcement techniques, developing calmness, relaxation and a trusting bond between you and your equine. If you are raising a young horse exhibiting bursts of energy, unpredictable zoomies, or that is pushy when interacting with humans and other equines, I can help you guide them towards channeling their energy positively, learning appropriate behaviors, and developing respectful and harmonious relationships.

My coaching style is compassionate, approachable, and specialized in building partnership and connection. I prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment where both equines and humans can thrive. By focusing on the individual needs and personalities of each equine and human pair, I tailor my coaching to foster a deep, mutual understanding and trust. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also strengthens the bond between equine and human, leading to more effective communication and teamwork. Whether addressing the challenges faced by seasoned humans or guiding beginners in their first steps with equines, my methods are designed to be adaptable and responsive. Ultimately, my goal is to not just teach skills, but to cultivate a harmonious and enduring partnership.

I offer coaching both online and in-person. If you are in Southern California, please feel free to contact me for a lesson; I will gladly meet you at your location. Alternatively, I am available for virtual coaching calls and video reviews for those not in the area. I am also willing to travel to conduct clinics or multiple individual lessons.

I am deeply committed to the journey of each equine and human I work with, and I look forward to being a part of your unique story. Whether you’re seeking to improve your skills, address specific challenges, or simply deepen the bond with your equine, I’m here to help. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of your partnership. Reach out today to schedule a session or to learn more about how we can achieve your goals. Your adventure awaits, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!”


“Coaching with Aria has given my daughter and I the motivation and accountability to regularly work with our mare, Fifi, and get past our moments of self-doubt and discouragement.  We have made observable progress in a short amount of time. Aria is a very knowledgeable & patient teacher.  She’s highly observant and thoroughly explains training steps to us so that there isn’t confusion when we’re working with our mare.  Her coaching recap emails are detailed and we have clarity when working with Fifi.  didn’t realize how much online 1:1 coaching would help my teen daughter & I to make progress with our mare.  Aria has built our confidence in our R+ skills.  We should have done this sooner!” – Rebecca M., Penasco NM USA

“Aria is a keen observer! She communicates well what she sees and what she would like her student to try next. She asks wonderful questions. She can see where human and animal are on a learning path and can offer comments that help the learner modify the level of “ask” for the mule. I really need context for what to expect, and Aria did a great job providing it. I absolutely love the video review that she does with voice over or her own little box on the screen with my training video. Having the comments right there with the training moment is SO valuable. I have worked with quite a few teachers and Aria stacks up with the best of them!” – Robin B., Kingsbury TX USA

“My horse made huge changes with the tips Aria gave me. It also gave me more clarity and direction in my training techniques. Aria was always positive, she would always give me positive feedback even if she was suggesting I change something. She was very kind in her remarks about my horse. I loved everything about the whole experience and I’m so glad I did it. She even taught me how to film myself. A huge bonus!!!!” – Sabra A., Tracy CA USA

“Aria is a font of information and is eager to share it with her students, her warm, caring and friendly manner makes her very approachable. Having Aria review my footage was incredibly helpful. Not only did she point out areas of improvement she gave suggestions for alternative ways to accomplish our goals. Aria has made it easy to work with her via distance, she is always prepared, has great suggestions and encourages the slightest try (in the horse AND the owner!). I highly encourage anyone that feels a little lost about reward based training to connect with Aria!” – Lisa T., Ware MA USA

“I had never worked personally with a CT Coach, and thought it would be fun for me and my mare, Madison, to give it a whirl. Madison  was getting frustrated with her stationary cones outside of training sessions and biting on the cones. We visited, talked about Madison and myself, and decided on a plan and our next visit. Madison is now doing well with her cones!  Aria is such a lovely person, very committed to her career with Connection Training, has a keen sense of people and horses, a great troubleshooter, creative, and a friend.” – Gale K., Solvang CA USA



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