5 Things to Train When You Can’t Ride Your Horse 🐎Groundwork Inspiration!

Stuck for groundwork training ideas? Want to build your relationship, improve your horse’s fitness and have fun without riding? This is the video for you!

I love working my horses from the ground as it’s such a lovely way to communicate and work together.

I enjoy finding exercises that build their strength, fitness and body awareness in lots of different ways.

It’s exciting to give them the freedom to work in liberty, finding their own balance or figuring out agility obstacles.

I love to help horses overcome problems and build their confidence while despooking or trailer loading or about daily handling tasks like fly spray or clipping.

And a bit of trick training just makes everyone smile!

Plus, you don’t have to groom – which if your horses live out like mine and it’s been really wet and muddy (like it has here recently), this is definitely an added bonus! When you’ve only got half an hour, spending 20 mins grooming just to be able to put a saddle on is annoying 😂

Seriously, though, if you can’t ride at the moment trying something new with your horse like agility, clicker training or liberty work is the perfect way to stay motivated and have fun together. I hope this inspires you!

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