Horses wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🐴🎄

We hope you and your herd have a wonderful Christmas!

This festive montage features CT horses from around the world.

Joining Hannah and Rachel’s horses, we have CT Club members:
– Bessie and Fernando from Australia (with Sarah)
– Bonny and Pixie from the UK (with Nicola Ross)
– Kali from the UK (with Barbara Edwards)
– Ghost from Canada (with Marilyn Tremblay)
– Tornado from Canada (with Jen Brittain)
– Shakira and Lukas from Norway (with Hilde Cecilie)
– Cassie from The Azores (with Lesley Woodward)
– Jalila from USA (with Nancy Camp)

Thank you all for your fun contributions! ❤️

The CT Club is the online place to learn Connection Training techniques. Along with hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on everything from despooking to dressage training positively, we also run fun Challenges like this one, where you get to take part! Our CT community is friendly, supportive and thoughtful and we’d love for you to join us, too! For more info click here.

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3 thoughts on “Horses wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🐴🎄”

  1. Annemiek Macleane

    What a great video, especially with all the different horses and people who prepared, trained and performed! Merry Christmas everybody

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