Zonkey Training: Touching the Un-handleable Equine

Rescued equines need plenty of help to build trust in humans, whether they’ve never been handled or have suffered abuse. Reward-based training is the best tool I’ve ever come across for doing this and I’ve worked with hundreds of rescued horses over the years. Even so, these two stripy girls challenged my training…

Zambi and Zee, two rescued zebra x donkeys, came to me for 2 months training. Nobody could touch them and, with their best interests at heart, another trainer had lassoed them in a round pen to get headcollars onto them. Needless to say, they were now more fearful about being touched than ever. So, they came to me. Here’s my story of my time with these two very different girls and the training I used to get through to each of them.

You can see the full story of my training with Zambi and Zee in the CT Club. Plus, members get access to our forum and live Q&A sessions so head over there if you need some guidance and support working with a frightened, wild or un-handleable equine. 

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1 thought on “Zonkey Training: Touching the Un-handleable Equine”

  1. Very inspirational, thank you. Equines suffer so much from human intervention, so good to see the girls enjoying their interactions with a person, at last.

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