You Can Train Your Horse to do Anything

By Shawna Karrasch

If you have ever wished you could get your horse to consistently perform to the best of his ability, On Target Training is for you. This effective new method combines the basics of clicker training (widely used on marine mammals and dogs) with a step-by-step target system that assures training success for any breed or any age horse.  Karrasch explains reward reinforcement training in a way that makes it easy to learn. She guides the reader through all the basics, including teaching the bridge signal (using the clicker) and employing hand-held and stationary targets; she then cover aspects of training horses both on the ground and under saddle. Training advice is provided for: specific riding disciplines ‹ jumping, Western riding, dressage, and trail; behavior problems; trailer loading; working with young horses; and last of all, just for fun, teaching tricks.

Shawna’s book is available on Amazon:

The Connection Training Book

Coming Soon!

We’ve been working on the CT book for the past couple of years and will hit the shelves later this year – watch this space!